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Azad Kashmir has been suffering from natural calamities like earthquakes and devastating floods, war at border and internal socio-political disorder has played the role of bone of contention among all. This has caused numerous causalities, especially men. These calamities and unlawfulness have taken lives of innocents. Alkhidmat Foundation Azad Jammu Kashmir, committed to its cause of service, has been working tirelessly in the field of Disaster Management. Observing the prompt necessities, fleeting requirements and lifelong needs of calamity influenced individuals, Alkhidmat Foundation Azad Jammu Kashmir has subdivided its Disaster Management Program (DMP) into three subdivisions:


Evacuation of dead and harmed individuals and their transportation to medical services as well as to their homes in different urban communities or villages. In addition, procurement and validation of on the spot crisis restorative forethought for the harmed.


Provision of food, therapeutic anticipation and to influence individuals in coordinated effort. Alkhidmat gives sustenance bundles, clean water, garments & apparel, sleeping material, cooked food for endangered families and individuals with the help of its donors and partner NGOs across Azad Jammu Kashmir.


Repair and development of houses and communities for influenced and affected families and procurement of all necessities which helps them restart their routine life. Alkhidmat Foundation has manufactured and handed over scores of houses to surge and shudder influenced families till date.

Al-Khidmat has considered this humongous humane challenge quite important and has reacted to the emergencies in an opportune and arranged way. Observing the prompt necessities, fleeting requirements and lifelong needs of calamity influenced individuals. Alkhidmat Disaster Management Units (ADMU) have been set up at the local level, directly overseen by Alkhidmat Foundation. While Alkhidmat Disaster Management Center (ADMC), Rawalpindi gives unified control and administration of all safeguard, help and recovery functions.

Volunteers’ Training for the Disaster Management Units

“Little knowledge is harmful” Instead of leaving our volunteers untrained we strictly focus on the proper and professional training of our volunteer staff because untrained disaster management team can cause more damage than any calamity. Al-Khidmat Foundation has separated its operational exercises into 10 locales: Neelum, Muzafarabad, Jhelum Valley, Bagh, Poonch, Havali, Sudnuti, Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimber Districts. Volunteers assume a core part in any calamity administration action. The nature of their preparation regularly verifies the affectivity of a rescue and help operation. Alkhidmat is well aware of that certainty and hence underscores the preparation of volunteers; so that in generally critical times, vital cooperation to manage a disaster is truly made